Tatjana Ralević


As Director of CES Mecon, Tatjana Ralević is responsible for internal organization and managing corporate finance and consultancy services.


Ms. Ralević has joined the company in 1993 and is part of the core team of professionals of CES Mecon.


With her background in trade management and marketing, Ms. Ralević has focused on monitoring trends and behavioral patterns of the Serbian and neighboring markets. Continuously followed market and marketing issues, Ms. Ralević has gained a comprehensive insight, in particular in the consumer sector.


Moving on to senior consulting, Ms. Ralević has become increasingly involved in developing strategic approaches for clients. She was central to maximizing the impact of business decisions for numerous clients, bringing valuable contribution to their M&A, restructuring and consolidation projects.


Most recently Ms. Ralević has centered her research and efforts on the liquidity problems of companies that burden their operations and subsequent rethinking of their business strategies.


Ms. Ralević has been instrumental in coordinating highly complex and far-reaching projects of CES Mecon over the past decade.


Ms. Ralević holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Belgrade University and lives with her spouse and three children in Belgrade.