Zvonimir Nikezić
Founder and President


Zvonimir Nikezić is the Founder and President of CES Mecon, responsible for overall business and management strategy and senior client collaboration with over 35 years of consultancy experience in Serbia and the region. He has spearheaded some of the largest M&A transactions and restructuring projects nationwide.


With his team, Mr. Nikezić has also created and managed the implementation of highly challenging consolidation projects in the Serbian economy, including the extensive restructuring of the largest frozen food company Frikom (1999-2002).


Given the extent of illiquidity and severe indebtedness problems in the region, his focus as of late is on managing high profile debt-restructuring cases, aimed at restoring liquidity and alleviating the financial stress of entities in the real and financial sectors.


Mr. Nikezić played a strategic advisory role in key macroeconomic projects at an early stage of Serbian economic reforms, including “Reform of the Yugoslav Financial Sector” (1999) and “Reform of the Serbian Fiscal System” (2002). In 1995-96 Mr. Dragoslav Avramović, Governor of the Central Bank of Yugoslavia, who ended hyperinflation, entrusted Mr. Nikezić to lead the team of consultants resolving issues of exchange rate market adjustment and external debt resolution.


Mr. Nikezić has an in-depth knowledge of the regional and Serbian economies and has been recognized as a trustworthy advisor by a number of multinational companies including Goodyear, Nestle, Danone, and Strabag.


Prior to establishing the first privately owned consulting company in Serbia in 1989, Mr. Nikezić was a Project Leader at the Institute of Industrial Economics (1972-1989).


Mr. Nikezić holds a B.A. in Economics from Belgrade University. He is married, has three children, and lives in Belgrade.