Jelena Janković
Project Manager


Jelena Janković is a key Project Manager of CES Mecon, managing corporate finance activities.


Ms. Janković joined CES Mecon in 2002 after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Belgrade.


In an inspiring working atmosphere, Ms. Janković has excelled and grown into a financial restructuring expert. Heading a multidisciplinary team of consultants, she has managed projects pursuing reorganization and restoration of our clients´ financial stability.


Ms. Janković is skilled in asset and capital evaluation and has supported the investment strategy group by assessing capital deficiency, thus providing a reliable basis for capital increases, debt-to-equity swaps, or M&A transactions.


Ms. Janković leads restructuring processes for strategic agricultural and food processing companies on behalf of CES Mecon.


As an expert in statistics and econometrics, applicable to macro- and micro-economic projects, in 2005 Ms. Janković contributed to the CES Mecon leading macroeconomic team in developing the study "Macroeconometric Modeling of the Serbian Economy" (2005).


Ms. Janković holds a B.A. in Economics from Belgrade University. She is married and lives in Belgrade.