Danilo Nikezić
Project Manager

Danilo Nikezić is a key Project Manager, responsible for M&A advisory and senior client coverage, as part of CES Mecon’s Financial Advisory team that he joined in 2002, during an increase in our financial advisory activities.


Over the course of his career, Mr. Nikezić has directed numerous projects focused on outlining portfolio strategies, supporting M&As, and establishing strategic alliances and ventures, as well as advising clients on fending off potential hostile takeovers.


During 2002-2005, Mr. Nikezić was primarily involved in financial advisory activity related to the privatization process in Serbia. He was engaged in over 50 buy-side and sell-side privatization projects, with emphasis on the consumer and tourism & hospitality sectors. In addition, Mr. Nikezić has managed a number of post-merger and post-privatization integrations and consolidations, skillfully guiding investors through the processes – keeping risks low while instituting new organizational foundations.


Mr. Nikezić is well-versed in the assessment and evaluation of clients’ businesses and asset value and has helped test their market value in preparation for M&A transactions, with particular expertise in the utility sector.


Mr. Nikezić has recently been focused on the development of the agro-food sector in Serbia and related investment options.


During his career, Mr. Nikezić was a Consultant with the World Bank regional financial group.


Mr. Nikezić holds a B.A. in Management and International Business from the Northeastern University in Boston and lives in Belgrade.